Friday, May 15, 2009

Cupcake Gift

I put this gift together for my Mom for Mothers Day, but it’s a fun idea for any occasion. My mom LOVES bakeries (who doesn’t!?) but seriously loves them. When we go on vacation, she asks me to bring back food from bakeries, so I’m always the weirdo on the plane carrying on a mysterious box. I’ve acquired her sweet tooth and this gift ended up being as fun for me as it was for her!

I made a cake stand out of a tray and small potting plan. I got the idea from Holly. I purchased a cake stand topper at Orson Gygi. Then I purchased $5 gift certificates from 5 different bakeries. That’s where the fun came in! Because of course I had to sample it all!

I went to:

Beyond Glazed (gourmet donuts), located in Draper and beyond amazing donuts! Sorry there’s no picture of a donut, they were sold out!!!

Tulie, located downtown (by far my favorite, best bakery I’ve been to in awhile, probably top 5 in my life! go there!!)

Mrs. Backers, located downtown (an old classic, everything is inexpensive and delish!)

So Cupcake, located on Highland and 3900 S. (really beautiful and delisious cupcakes, I wanted to eat the wrapper just for more) (cupcake on the middle of stand, from So Cupcake)

Beverly Hills Bakery, (around 1700 S. in the east avenues, best brownie in the state, by far)

I got almost all of the bakeries off of Your Heart Out, so for her descriptions, pictures and addresses, go here.

I designed paper cupcakes and behind each cupcake held a gift card. She loved it and I hope she’ll have a lot of fun sampling like I did!

Tulie…I’ve been dreaming about you and your sugar cookies. Ahhhhhh.

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