Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Candy Creatures

How fun are these candy ideas from Martha Stewart?! I am dying over these Monster Pops.

Monster Pops

Skull Pops

Cyclops Cupcake

  • Little Devil Cupcake
  • Skull Madeleine’s
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Sycamore Street Press

I have posted about Sycamore Street Press before, but she has some new items and I’m still in love.

Thank You Card $4.00

Letterpress Thank You Card. Thanks a Bazillion.

Folded Placecards $8.00 for 10

Letterpress Folded Placecards. Tulip Dot Oval Frame. Set of 10.

Welcome Little One Card $4.00

Letterpress Baby Card. Welcome Little One. (wreath)

Letterpress Labels $6.00 for 10

Letterpress Labels / Place Cards. Graphite Frame. Set of 10.

Friendship Card $4.00

Letterpress Friendship Card. I would trade two of my other friends for you.

Limited Edition print, Davis Ngarupe $25.00

September 09. Letterpress Limited Edition of 100. 8 x 10. Original Print. Davis Ngarupe.
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