Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Town Boutique

My cutest neighbor, Jordan, started her own etsy shop called Little Town Boutique. It is filled with the sweetest little headbands, necklaces, jewelry, pins and more. Everything is so pretty & girly! I bought two right away and love wearing both pieces.  She really does a great job and has impeccable taste. Visit her shop  have a look!

Four Rosettes Headband $7.50

4 rosettes headband
Pretty Necklace  $7.50
pretty necklace
Cream Ruffle Headband $7.50
cream ruffle headband
Pink Ruffle Headband $7.50
pink fluffy headband
Characol & Gray Fluffy Flower $7.50
charcoal and gray fluffy flower
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Valentines Day Bags

Here I am…finally back to bloggin!  And starting back up with these adorable DIY Valentine Bags from Twig & Thistle. Just think of the possibilities for things to stuff in these cuties!

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